Winners of the III edition of the Odeón Awards

C. Tangana and Marc Seguí, winners of two Odeón Awards in a new online ceremony

Joan Manuel Serrat, Honour Odeón Award 2022

Dani Martín, Best Tour

The audience chose winners through their voting


The Spanish music industry decided that the third edition of the Odeón Awards should be held in a format according to new consumption habits, influenced by the preferences of Spaniards, who mainly access new releases through online platforms. AGEDI, (the phonogram producers’ intellectual property rights collecting society), the event organiser, was in charge of preparing a new online and live ceremony, which had popular streamer Cristianini as master of ceremonies. Last evening, at a time appropriate for the followers of this kind of live broadcasts (18h to 20h), one of the cosiest, open to all audiences and highly topical award ceremonies took place on her Twitch channel ( The many fans and followers of music stars that top the weekly hits charts could connect – via streaming–  for free to know first-hand the awarded artists of this year. Cristinini surrounded herself with friends, musicians, actresses, actors and relevant influencers, tiktokers and instagramers in a gala where music prevailed as well as the awardees parade, video appearances and life connections with the evening major players, all of them nominees with options to get awards. Twitch followers showed, with their massive flow, that music is part of their interests. Others approached this live platform for the first time, as an answer to the additional noise generated in social media. All 33 awards presented in this edition were disclosed along the almost two hours of connection, except for that already announces, the Honour Odeón Award, this year presented to Joan Manuel Serrat. Indeed, one of most special moments of the evening happened when Serrat could thank for the award, addressing a few words to the audience in a video recorded for the occasion in which he declared with a sense of humour that he would have preferred to opt for new Artist Award. He wanted to send a message to young people who plow their way through this harsh world of music.

The presentation of awards travelled among the different categories and music genres, along an evening full of emotional moments and certain doses of intrigue. The audience had actively participated until 6th March in the awards voting. In just 15 days, a total of 160,000 votes from some 45,000 people were gathered from the official website of the awards (, to put their preferences on the record and impact the final results that were just being announced.


All the winners

Dani Martín opened the parade receiving the Odeón Best Tour. The APM (Music Promoters Association) partnered with AGED and the Awards organising committee  to give this recognition, as they did in previous editions. This was another special moment, demonstrating the vibrancy the live music sector is going through facing the perspective of a year which slowly starts going back to normal after two years of cancelled concerts or in best of cases, dramatic seating reduction. Something that Dani Martin lived in first person during his recent concert tour. During his direct connection, he devoted the award to the audience who supported him along his tour last year, lasting only one month and however being the tour with most tickets sold. He ended his talk with a resounding “No War” and the request to help people more in need.

Following this, the awards stopped at the recording productions coming from abroad in 2021, with some room to highlight most acclaimed Latin and international music.

Regarding Latin music, Rauw Alejandro, the Portorrican artist ubiquitous in sales charts in 2021, got the Best Latin Song Odeón Award with his solo work Todo de ti, a song that gathers 9 Platinum discs on its own, good enough to validate a successful year in which he managed to keep up to 6 songs among those most streamed of the year. Along with giving thanks, he announces that he is preparing new music and projects. Camilo’s Mis manos got the acknowledgement as Best Latin Album, whereas Colombian Karol G and Argentinian Nicki Nicole were awarded as Best Latin Odeón Artist and Best Latin Odeón New Artist, respectively.

Lil Nas X got the Best International Song Odeón Award with Montero (Call me by your name). Sour, the acclaimed first album by Olivia Rodrigo, hit the category of Best International Album. Adele’s return to the international scene after six years of absence satisfied enough as to achieve the Best International Odeón Artist. Måneskin, the new international sensation from their winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, got the Best International Odeón New Artist.

At this point, the awards presentation made a stop to remember with a tribute video all those musicians and members of the music industry who recently passed away, with the Franco Battiato song on the background.

The presentation of awards was resumed with the rock awards. Marlon, for Con uñas y dientes, collected the Best Rock Song Odeón Award. They took the occasion to express their wish to «see soon everyone at the concerts». Fito y Fitipaldis, one of Spanish bands with a longest career, received the Best Rock Album Odeón Award for their recent work Cada vez cadáver. Fito sent warming and touching greetings to his fans in the brink of going on the stage of La Coruña’s Coliseo, where the tour starts, to end his talk with a «no war» message. Rock Odeón Artist Odeón Award went to Leiva and the Rock Odeón New Artist to band Veintiuno, who took the chance to thank from the stage to all those that «still believe in bands».

Urban was also present in the awards Diversity of sounds stood out in the awards won. Daviles de Novelda with Flamenco y bachata got the Best Urban Song Odeón Award. Besides, Natos y Waor with Recycled J received the Best Urban Album with Hijos de la ruina, Vol. 3. Two great names of today’s urban music, ever-faithful to danceable sound and well-known by the eclecticism of their productions, received the best Urban Odeón Artist (Lola Indigo) and Urban Odeón New Artist (Nathy Peluso).

Flamenco had also its moment of glory in this celebration evening with the presence of awardees. Maka, with El aire, got the Best Flamenco Song. Miguel Poveda won the award in the category of Best Album for his recent work Diverso. Niña Pastori and Shakira Martínez followed the evening trend, in the context of women’ triumph in the voting audience preferences, winning the Flamenco Odeón Artist and Flamenco Odeón New artist, respectively.

Alternative music was more mainstream than ever for the Spanish audience. Apart from the Best Alternative Song won by C. Tangana and Ed Maverick, the alternative award list completed with Love of Lesbian, receiving the Best Alternative Album with V.E.H.N. (Viaje épico hacia la nada). As happened in the urban genre, two women were the winners as Best Alternative Artist (Zahara) and Best Alternative New Artist (Rigoberta Bandini).

Already in the last part of the presentation, the pop awards came onto scene. Zzoilo, connecting live from Mexico, received the Best Pop Song Odeón Award for Mon amour (Remix). Alejandro Sanz, another among great Spanish artists, returned to the Odeón Awards podium, after receiving in 2020 the Best Album award. The third edition gave him the Best Pop Album, for Sanz. Alejandro could thank for this well-deserved award with a video appearance. Aitana, the young Catalan artist that placed her music among most listened to of the year, went back home with the Pop Odeón Artist award, and she took the chance to greet Zzoilo. Pop rounded its presence in the gala with the Pop Odeón New Artist, won by young Belén Aguilera.


Two awards each

The song Tiroteo (remix) by Mallorca artist Marc Segui featuring Rauw Alejandro and Pol Granch got two trophies, the Best Music video Odeón Award (when he revealed that this was his first award ever) and the Song of the Year Award. For his part, C. Tangana adds two new Odeón Awards to his personal account of success from the release of his album El Madrileño. First, he received the Best Alternative Song with Párteme la cara, a song performed with Ed Maverick. Later came the Album of the Year for El Madrileño, award that he dedicated to all people of Madrid, and he declared through a video from Mexico that this was «the best album I’ve made in my whole life». Indee, El Madrileño already entered the list of awardees last year, only some days after release, when it deserved the Best Urban Odeón Artist. He becomes, in his own right, the artist with more Odeón awards figures since the arrival of ODEÓN AWARDS three years ago. Special awards for Song and Album of the Year were the last ones to be disclosed, as a way to vindicate the importance of most wanted prizes.

Here is the full list of winners.


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