The artist shall receive the award during the Odeón gala.

Odeón Awards shall be presented in a virtual gala which shall be broadcasted tomorrow, Tuesday 15th March, from 18h to 20h in the influencer @Cristinini Twitch channel


The organising committee of Odeón Awards has decided on giving the Honour Odeón Award 2022 to Joan Manuel Serrat. This way, the music industry vindicates the enormous contribution to music of one of the greatest Spanish singer-song writers, in the year of his farewell to the stages. With a musical career of almost 60 years, the reservoir of hits stacked is endless. His songs, in Catalan and Spanish, are part of the popular memory of several generations. His enormous success has crossed borders, as he is as much loved artist in his native Mediterráneo as he is in distant lands of Latin America. Serrat is unique and has proven to be a transgressor artist, as much a poet as a musician. Short after having received the Grand Cross of the Civil Order of Alfonso X, the Wise, and almost sold out for his tour El vicio de cantar, the year ahead for el Noi del Poble Sec comes full of significant events. For all that, it was necessary to pay tribute to his huge and consistent career.


Song master

Making an account of his record production allows us to discover the richness of his works, which have provided him with countless Gold and Platinum awards for his sales all over the world. To his credit, 30 studio albums, 6 live albums (from his tours solo or accompanied by great colleagues and friends such as Ana Belén, Victor Manuel, Miguel Ríos or Joaquín Sabina), many hits compilations and even 7 tribute albums, where other artists show their admiration for his work. Universal as he is, Serrat’s overwhelming repertoire is rich in unforgettable songs. It is unavoidable to pay attention to any of his titles, almost in a reverence. A walker who made the path as he sang and blew each verse of his songs Who has never sang along or moved with songs as Mediterráneo, Paraules d’amor, Cantares, Lucía, Aquellas pequeñas cosas, Tu nombre me sabe a yerba, Para la libertad, La saeta, No hago otra cosa que pensar en ti, Hoy puede ser un gran día, Esos locos bajitos, De vez en cuando la vida, or Penélope, to name a few. A whole catalogue of masterpieces of our culture and our music that will surely accompany him along the next international tour for the enjoyment of his fans. The tour shall start next April in New York and finish almost with the year in Madrid, travelling along different countries of his much loves Latin America and most important Spanish cities.


Follow live the presentation of the III Odeón Awards

Honour Odeón Award 2022 is a prove of deep respect and admiration felt by the music industry itself. The presentation of the Honour Odeón Award shall take place during the online gala where all awarded artists of this edition shall be disclosed. The online gala shall be broadcasted tomorrow, Tuesday 15th March through the Cristinini Twitch channel. The awarded artists of the remaining 32 categories will be disclosed during a two hours live broadcast at from 18:00 to 20:00 h.

This ground breaking format of virtual gala shall hold new dynamics and will have the appearances of relevant influencers and musicians, pursuing to bring the Odeón Awards and the music industry closer to the young audience, common consumer of social media. An audience that has massively participated in voting, deciding their favourite artists to be disclosed tomorrow.


About Odeón Awards

The Odeóns are promoted by AGEDI, management society of intellectual property rights of phonogram producers. They recover the tradition of annual awards for the Spanish music to show its social relevance and consolidating as a reference for our music scene. In 2022, the III edition has expanded the awards to 33 categories, increasing the acknowledged music genres. Nominees have been appointed on the basis of accumulated sales and streams by different bands and solo artists along the season. However they are also participative, as the audience keeps having a relevant role in the definitive awarding with their voting until 6th March via the Odeón Awards website (, where best pop, rock, urban, alternative and flamenco artist and new artist is chosen, as well as best international and Latin artist and new artist, among all nominees.

We look forward to see you on 15th March in the great celebration of music, the Odeón Awards 2022.


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